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Mexico: Cuernavaca located in Central Mexico is only one hour away from Mexico City. This is the “City of the eternal Spring” as it is known for its excellent template climate.

Tropical weather: Cuernavaca's parks and gardens are exhuberant with tropical plants and flowers and its charming center with colonial architecture attracts Mexicans and foreigners from all over the world.

University: Cuernavaca is a university town and the home of many artists and intellectuals and thus many cultural events have made this its home over the years.

Learn Spanish: Cuernavaca has been a center of  numerous Language schools attracting a wide spectrum of clientele including university and high school students as well as professional, tourists and people thinking about retiring in Mexico. The American community is large and active and operates a Guild hose that sponsors numerous activities.

Puebla and Taxco: This house makes a convenient home base for sightseeing in Mexico City, Puebla, Taxco with its famous silver mines as well as the state of Guerrero.

Acapulco: Acapulco is only 3 hours away by car or bus.

Las Estacas: There are numerous day tours around Cuernavaca like the Estacas Tropical River tour.

Tenochtitlán y Xochicalco: The Pyramids Tours, (Tenochtitlan and Xochicalco).

Tepoztlán: The Tepoztlan visit, as well as the visit to the famous Temescal, ancient Aztec Sweat Lodge.

There are buses that run from Mexico City airport to Cuernavaca every half an hour and cost about $10 US dollars. A private taxi service from the airport to the house can be arranged for approximately $80 us dollars






Cuernavaca lodging. This house is more comfortable than a B&B in Cuernavaca

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